Liniq E27 Tricolor LED bulb 11W

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Liniq E27 Tricolor LED bulb 11W


Power: 11W

Lumens: 960lms

Light color: Daylight 6500K +Cool white 4000K + Warm white 2700K

Beam Angle: 220°


This E27 bulb is used in most of our pendant/hanging lights at our shop. Switches from daylight, warm white to cool white lighting with every on/off switch. No special wiring/switches needed.

The LINIQ LED E27 Lightbulb is an ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent tube lamps for general lighting, cove lighting, cabinet lighting or display racks. The LINIQ LED E27 Lightbulb offers instant brightness and non-flicker qualities. The 120° beam angle ensures that the maximum light spread and direction is achieved to give a super bright effect.




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