Note: We can only install items bought from our shop. We do not arrange installation for items bought from other lighting stores/ TaoBao/ Johor etc. Thank you.

Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installation in Singapore

Sembawang Lighting can arrange a safe and reliable lighting or ceiling fan installation service for you, with our team of local electricians. Rates start from $40 per ceiling fan. Rates start from $35-$40 for 1st lamp and $8-$10 for subsequent lamps. Enquiry Hotline: (65)67597703 or Whatsapp (65) 85266676.


How much does it cost to install a Ceiling Fan? Ceiling Fan Installation/ Replacement Rates

Height 2.7m or less, on concrete flat ceiling with point $40 per fan
Height 2.8m-2.9m, on concrete flat ceiling with point $50 per fan
Height 3.0m-3.2m, on concrete flat ceiling with point $60 per fan
KDK fan on concrete flat ceiling, height 3.2m or less $60 per fan
To do/redo false ceiling support $150-$200 per fan
To use existing false ceiling support $60-$100 per fan
To install on centre panel $80-$140 per fan
Bypass/remove wall regulator $10 each
Patch hole from $10


 How much does it cost to install lamp? Lighting Fixtures Installation/ Replacement Rates

Install 1 lamp on height 2.7m or less 1st lamp $35, subsequent $8 each
Install 1 lamp on height 2.8m-3.2m 1st lamp $40, subsequent $10 each
Install 1 chandelier or large lamp $40-$80 each
Install 1 track and track lights $15 each
Install false ceiling downlight 1st lamp $35/$40, subsequent $10 each
Patch Hole From $10


How much does it cost for general electrical works?

New wiring point with PVC casing $80-$120 per point
Extend point with PVC casing $20 per metre
Loop existing point From $25
Patch hole From $10



Sample Works: Lamp Installation on concrete ceiling


Sample Works: Ceiling Fan Installation on concrete ceiling


Sample Works: Chandelier Installation



Sample Works: Recess Downlight Installation on False ceiling



Sample Works: False Ceiling Support for Ceiling Fan


Sample Works: Installing a Ceiling Fan on a Central Panel


Sample Works: Making a new electrical point


Sample Works: Shifting/Extending an existing point


Sample Works: Track Light Installation


Sample Works: Installing/ Bypass existing dimmer/regulator switch


Sample Works: Wall Fan Installation



Benefits to engage our electricians

  1. Skilled: Our electricians have at least 5-15 years of electrical experience.
  2. Transparent Price: Quote is provided before installation. Itemized breakdown of work done.
  3. Punctual: Our electricians are on-time for the appointment.
  4. Good Communication: Our electricians are Singapore Citizens/ PRs who can communicate in English, Chinese, Malay and Dialect. They listen to your requests. Friendly and Courteous.
  5. Hassle free: Our electricians will collect and bring the items to your place, saving your time.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Is installation free/ included in the product price?

No. Installation fee is payable. Our installation rates are reasonable, from $40 for a ceiling fan and $8 for a lighting fixture.


Question: Can i install a ceiling fan/ lamp by myself?

Answer: You will require some tools (e.g. power drill, drill bit, cutter, wire connector, and technical knowledge.


Unless you have previous electrical experience, you can always engage an experienced electrician for lighting and ceiling fan installation. Trying to tinker with the electrical wiring in your light fixtures can make small problems bigger, incur the risk of injury, or even spoil the new lighting or ceiling fan.

If your contractor/ interior designer have their own electricians, you can also engage them to install your lights or fans. We will deliver the items to your home (for purchase $800 or more or transport $30 per trip) or you can self collect at our Sembawang showroom.


Question: How much does it cost to install a lighting fixture?

Answer: Installing most lighting fixtures ranges from 1st lamp $35/$40, subsequent $8/$10 for simple size ceiling lamp. For detailed price listing, please view the list at the end of this page. The detailed cost will be affected by the type of fixture selected and the condition of your wiring. Your electrician will assess and give you an accurate/ fair estimate of the cost involved.


Question: How much does it cost to install a ceiling fan?

Installing a ceiling fan on concrete ceiling, existing point, height 3.2m or less, without centre panel - $40 to $60 per fan. For detailed price listing, please view the list at the end of this page. The detailed cost will be affected by the type of fixture selected and the condition of your wiring. Your electrician will assess and give you an accurate/ fair estimate of the cost involved.


Question: How long does it take to install?

Answer: It will take about 1-2 hours per fan concrete ceiling installation. It will take about 15-30 mins per lamp installation. Additional time is needed for electrical works such as new wiring, extension of point, high ceiling height, false ceiling support, slope ceiling etc.


Question: When will the installation be done?

Answer: We can arrange installation within 7 days from purchase. Our electrician working hours are 10am to 5pm (Monday - Saturday). For condominium/ EC/ apartment, we recommend to install during weekdays as your MCST usually prohibit works during weekends.


Question: Is there a warranty for the installation?

Answer: The electrician will go back and check if there is any problem within 1 week of the original installation.


Question: How to arrange installation?

Answer: You can call us at (65)67597703 or whatsapp (65) 85266676.


Terms for Installation

  1. We only arrange installation for products only bought from Sembawang Lighting House.
  2. We can arrange installation only for Residential units (We don't arrange for office/commercial/ industrial/ schools).
  3. The installation rates stated exclude painting of the ceiling.
  4. Existing point must have its own on/off switch. We do not recommend using a I/C control as it will void the fan warranty and cause premature failure. We will also recommend to bypass existing wall regulators and dimmers.
  5. Some false ceiling support is old and may not be firm enough to sustain the weight of the fan. In such a situation, we recommend the customer to redo the false ceiling support with metal stark or wooden beam to the concrete ceiling.
  6. Customer must ensure let us know clearly if the ceiling is concrete or false ceiling. Installation methods are different based on ceiling type and workmanship fee is different as well. We like a fair and transparent transaction between the electrician and home owner.
  7. Freelance electrician to be paid in cash upon completion.
  8. Price stated are a guide, subject to change depending on condition of the house and accuracy of information provided by the home-owner.
  9. House owner is responsible for deposit to Condominium Management.
  10. The electrician will take care of your premises during installation. However, he will not be responsible to defects in the house which is not caused by him.