SLH installation prices

  • We can only provide installation services for products bought from us.
  • Installation by local freelance electricians. Please check with us for installation rates by Fan agent direct.
  • Prices stated are a guide, subject to electrician’s assessment during installation.
  • Labor fees to be paid by owner in cash upon completion. Rates exclude painting.
  • For residential units only.
  • $5 per trip for transport costs, and any parking or ERP charges.
  • $5 per fan for disposal from 1/2/23.


Basic fan installation

  • 2.7m and below: $40 per fan
  • 2.71m – 2.99m: $50 per fan
  • 3.0m -3.19m: $60 per fan
  • 3.2m - 3.39m: $80 per fan

Prices quoted above are for concrete ceiling with existing point with on/off switch. No regulator, dimmer or centre panel


Fan installation on false ceiling & centre panel

  • Make false ceiling support with existing point and switch: $150-$200 per fan 
  • Reuse existing false ceiling support / install on metal beam : $60 per fan; $80 per KDK. Subject to electrician's assessment if existing support can be reused
  • Install on centre panel: $80-$120 per fan (long rod sold separately)

Installation of KDK fans by KDK technicians

  • Concrete ceiling, existing point with switch, no regulator, dimmer, centre panel: $60 per fan
  • Concrete ceiling, make new point (use pvc casing): $200 per fan
  • False ceiling with suitable existing support, existing point with switch: $60 per fan
  • False ceiling, make false ceiling support, existing point with switch: $310 per fan
  • False ceiling, make false ceiling support, make new point (use pvc casing): $440 per fan.
  • Dispose old fan/lightings: $20 per trip
  • Bypass regulator: $20 per regulator; supply and install 1G switch $20 per switch



Dimmer & regulator control

  • Add $10 per fan to bypass regulator and use existing on/off switch
  • Add $22 per fan to bypass regulator and install x1 new 1G switch


Other electrical services

  • To make new point and switch (PVC casing), add $80-$120 per point
  • To extend wiring using PVC casing, add $30 per metre. Min $20
  • To extend wiring using conceal point, add $150 per metre. Min $150
  • To loop points, add $30 per loop
  • To patch up hole, add $10-$25 per hole
  • To install wall fan, 1st $40, subsequent $25 on existing point with switch
  • Remove fan, install light: additional $5 each. Fan disposal $5 each from 1/2/23


Basic light installation for ceiling and wall lights 

  • 2.7m or less: 1st lamp $35, subsequent $8 each
  • 2.71m - 3.2m: 1st lamp $40, subsequent $10 each
  • To apply silicon for outdoor wall lights, add $10 each application


Pendant lights

  • $10 - $50 for subsequent lights, depending on ceiling height and weight of pendant lights


Track lights

  • 1st track $35/$40, subsequent $15 per 1m track. If install other lighting items, $15 per 1m track, $20 per 1.5m track, $25 per 2m track.
  • Patch hole $10 per hole


  • $50-$100 depending on ceiling height and chandelier weight. Height max 3m
  • Removal of heavy chandelier from $20



  • 2.7m or less: 1st lamp $40, subsequent $10 each
  • 2.71m - 3.2m: 1st lamp $40, subsequent $10 each
    • Fire-resistant false ceiling: 1st lamp $60, subsequent $25 each
    • Patch hole additional $10-$25 per hole

Other electrical services 

  • To make new point and switch using PVC casing, add $80-$120 per point
  • To extend wiring using PVC casing, add $30 per metre. Min $20
  • To extend wiring using conceal point, add $150 per metre. Min $150
  • To loop points, additional $30 per loop
  • To patch up hole, additional $10-$25 per hole
  • To bypass existing dimmer, from $10 per point



Sample Works: Lamp Installation on concrete ceiling


Sample Works: Ceiling Fan Installation on concrete ceiling


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Sample Works: Recess Downlight Installation on False ceiling



Sample Works: False Ceiling Support for Ceiling Fan


Sample Works: Installing a Ceiling Fan on a Central Panel


Sample Works: Making a new electrical point


Sample Works: Shifting/Extending an existing point


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Sample Works: Wall Fan Installation



Benefits to engage our electricians

  1. Skilled: Our electricians have at least 5-15 years of electrical experience.
  2. Transparent Price: Quote is provided before installation. Itemized breakdown of work done.
  3. Punctual: Our electricians are on-time for the appointment.
  4. Good Communication: Our electricians are Singapore Citizens/ PRs who can communicate in English, Chinese, Malay and Dialect. They listen to your requests. Friendly and Courteous.
  5. Hassle free: Our electricians will collect and bring the items to your place, saving your time. 

Terms for Installation

  1. We only arrange installation for products only bought from Sembawang Lighting House.
  2. We can arrange installation only for Residential units (We don't arrange for office/commercial/ industrial/ schools).
  3. The installation rates stated exclude painting of the ceiling.
  4. Existing point must have its own on/off switch. We do not recommend using a I/C control as it will void the fan warranty and cause premature failure. We will also recommend to bypass existing wall regulators and dimmers.
  5. Some false ceiling support is old and may not be firm enough to sustain the weight of the fan. In such a situation, we recommend the customer to redo the false ceiling support with metal stark or wooden beam to the concrete ceiling.
  6. Customer must ensure let us know clearly if the ceiling is concrete or false ceiling. Installation methods are different based on ceiling type and workmanship fee is different as well. We like a fair and transparent transaction between the electrician and home owner.
  7. Freelance electrician to be paid in cash upon completion.
  8. Price stated are a guide, subject to change depending on condition of the house and accuracy of information provided by the home-owner.
  9. House owner is responsible for deposit to Condominium Management.
  10. The electrician will take care of your premises during installation. However, he will not be responsible to defects in the house which is not caused by him.