AllBreeze™ Compact Ceiling Fan

AllBreeze™ Compact Ceiling Fan is composed of sculptured compact blades to enable a smaller and safer operating diameter, yet efficient to produce the powerful breeze necessary to ventilate and cool the room. 

Do you have a small area in your house that need some more ventilation?

This is an ideal small ceiling fan choice for homes in Singapore. Smart solution for areas or spaces constrained by furniture or lighting, or beam-constricted ceiling.

Thinking of getting a small ceiling fan for your home? This fan's low profile (28 cm from top to base) is also suitable for rooms with low ceilings.  

AllBreeze™ is perfect to match with Mid or High Beds in your bedrooms.

Safe home with the SG Safety Mark 

AllBreeze™ ABF Compact ceiling fan model by All Beloved has been type-tested and considered to be in compliance with the safety requirements of the SG Safety Mark Standard and hence registered and entered into the Register of Registered Controlled Goods, (under pursuant to) the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations 2002 in Singapore.


Note: Fan sizing before purchase and installation - Please ensure there is a minimum open ceiling space of 1.55m diameter or width for ABF 22", and 1.8m for ABF 32". The open ceiling space must be clear from the walls or any other ceiling fixture such as beam, false ceiling, "L-box", cove lighting, cabinet, etc. Otherwise, you may encounter poor or no airflow. This is in line with the general rule of having a minimum clearance of 0.5m from the tip of the blades to the walls and any ceiling fixture, to allow air circulation and proper cooling by the ceiling fan.