Crestar Valueair 3B 40"/46" DC Motor Ceiling Fan

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Crestar Value Air 3 Blade 40"/46" DC Ceiling Fan

A slightly more playful take with the blades, this model of ValueAir comes with 3 aerodynamic curved blades. Adding a touch of flair to your home, this model can fit into studies, rooms and some balconies too. A tricolour LED can be installed for an additional lighting solution as well at no additional fee.


Key Features:

  • Low power consumption DC motor, quiet motor
  • 20W tricolor LED at no additional fee
  • Remote control included
  • 10 years motor warranty, 1 year onsite servicing by Crestar



Diameter:  40in (1020mm) / 46in (1170mm)
Motor:  Crestar Inverter DC Motor
Weight:  7.1kg (40in) / 7.3kg (46in)
Material:  Metal Alloy (Housing), ABS (Blades)
Colour:  Matt Black / White / Wood
Voltage:  AC 230V 50Hz
4W - 13W (40in) / 5W - 28W (46in)
RPM (min/max):  90 - 280RPM (40in) / 90 - 270 (46in)
CFM: 3307 ft3/min (40in) / 4986 ft3/min (46in)
Speed:  6 Speed
Control:  6 Speed Remote Control
Lightkit:  20W Tricolour LED















Here are some samples installed in our customers' houses

Sample Crestar Valueair wood in Condominium Dining with Rod extended for high ceiling

crestar-valueair-3-blade-black-ceiling-fan in condo dining

Sample Crestar Valueair wood in new BTO bedroom

crestar-valueair-3-blade-black-ceiling-fan-sample in hdb bto bedroom

Sample Crestar Valueair wood in HDB BTO living room

crestar-valueair-3-blade-black-ceiling-fan-sample in hdb BTO living room 

Sample Crestar Valueair wood in condominium bedroom

crestar-valueair-3-blade-black-ceiling-fan-sample in condominium bedroom

Sample Crestar Valueair black in condo bedroom 


Sample Crestar Valueair white in HDB master bedroom

crestar-valueair-3-blade-white-ceiling-fan-sample in HDB master bedroom

Sample Crestar Valueair white installed on false ceiling

crestar-valueair-3-blade-white-ceiling-fan-sample in condominium installed on false ceiling 

Sample Crestar Valueair white installed at condominium balcony

crestar-valueair-3-blade-white-ceiling-fan-sample installed on condominium balcony

Sample Crestar Valueair white installed in HDB common bedroom

crestar-valueair-3-blade-white-ceiling-fan-sample installed in HDB bedroom

Crestar Valueair wood in condo bedroom



Crestar Valueair wood in condo bedroom


Accessories for high/slope ceiling

Long rod+Stainless steel wire:

  • 06"-12"+1ft wire = $20 (BK/WH), $27 (WD)
  • 13"-24"+2ft wire = $29 (BK/WH), $38 (WD) 
  • 25"-36"+3ft wire = $40 (BK/WH), $51 (WD)
  • 37"-48"+4ft wire = $53 (BK/WH), $63 (WD)
  • 49"-60"+5ft wire = $65 (BK/WH), $75 (WD)
  • 61"-72"+6ft wire = $77 (BK/WH), $87 (WD)

Extension Base Plate (for high ceiling)=$68 


Canopy+ Rubber Shaker (for slope ceiling)=$28


Ring Bracket (for slope ceiling)=$5



Ready to order?

  • WhatsApp (65)85266676 or Call (65)67597703. 
  • Product price payable to PayNow UEN 201315023M or DBS Current 003-924577-7
  • Installation fee payable to electrician in cash upon completion. 

Installation Rate (pay to electrician when done):

  • $40-$60 per fan. On concrete ceiling, existing point with on/off switch, without centre panel, height 3.2m or less 
  • $150-$200 per fan. On false ceiling, to do support, existing point with on/off switch, height 3.2m or less 
  • $60-$80 per fan. On false ceiling, to use back existing support, existing point with on/off switch, height 3.2m or less
  • $20 per metre. To extend point by PVC casing
  • $80-$120 each. To make new point using PVC casing. Provide x1 on/off switch
10 years motor, 1 year onsite service