What is the difference between AC and DC Ceiling Fans? Which is best?

Posted by Roy Chia on 10th Jun 2019

What is the difference between AC and DC Ceiling Fans In 2019?

AC vs DC:

Benefits of DC Motor Ceiling Fans > Shop for DC fans

  • DC fans use less energy – up to 70% less than a AC fan.
  • DC fans are extremely quiet.
  • DC fans usually have more speed options e.g. up to 9, as compared to standard 3 speed AC fans
  • DC fans have forward/ reverse function
  • DC motors are more slim, introducing more modern slim designs for ceiling fans

Here are some of our most popular DC Ceiling Fans:

1) Acorn DC-159 52"

This DC ceiling fan is super slim and suitable for low ceiling height e.g. HDB and Condo. The lighting cover is flat and come with LED tri color option, bright enough to light up the whole room. 

From $249

Acorn DC159 DC Ceiling Fan

2) Crestar Valueair

As the name implies, this model is value-for-money. Comes with many sizes (40". 46", 48", 55") to suit the various needs of your home. Comes with touch screen remote and forward/reverse function. 

From $298

Crestar Valueair DC Ceiling Fan

3) Crestar Airis

This is the newest model of DC ceiling fan from Crestar. Comes in special color light wood and dark wood, the fan have unique features like tricolour dimming LED and forward reverse speed. There are 6 wind speed giving you flexibility in finding the volume of air you like. 

From $400+

Crestar Airis DC Ceiling Fan

4) Kaze Kino/ Zino

This is the newest model of DC ceiling fan from Kaze. This model comes with ABS Aerofoil blades like aeroplane wings, generating good wind for the household. The most popular color is matt black beautiful finishing. 

From $400

Benefits of AC Motor Ceiling Fans:

  • AC fans are cheaper
  • AC fans generate stronger wind output  
  • AC fans are still save energy, using up to 100W, which is less compared to other household appliances.

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What is right for me?

You won't go wrong with either.  We have carefully curated a range of ceiling fans that are budget friendly, dependable with local warranty and good service. If you are going for the latest trends with most features and modern slim designs, then DC will be best for you. If you like to cool down your home asap with strong wind, then AC will be ideal for you.

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