Canberra MRT station opening on 2 Nov

Posted by Roy Chia on 28th Oct 2019

Canberra MRT station opening on 2 Nov

Great news! Canberra MRT station will be opening on 2 November 2019. It is now easier to get to Sembawang Lighting House with a short 10 mins walk. 

source: google maps

source: LTA

Did you know Canberra is built between Yishun and Sembawang MRT station? It is the second train station to be built this way after Dover station. On one side, it will serve the new Canberra estate, and on the other side providing an alternative for Sembawang Springs Estate, Wellington estate etc. You can easily get to nearby popular facilities such as Sembawang Shopping Centre, White Restaurant, Rubinah Restaurant, Cheap John Bicycle Shop, and Sembawang Lighting House.