(2021) Top 10 Lighting Shop in Singapore

Posted by Roy Chia on 25th Feb 2021

(2021) Top 10 Lighting Shop in Singapore

We are featured in the Tallypress Top 10 Lighting Shops in Singapore 2021. Thank you for the support and commendation.

4) Sembawang Lighting House

Sembawang Lighting House has been in operations since 1997, so trust they know how to do a good job with your lighting. Some of the brands they provide include SLH, Liniq, and Sunshine. 

They have plenty of lights available here, including pendant/hanging lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, track lights, downlights and wall lights. 

If you’re not sure what those mean, you can also check out the lights they have categorised via living space, such as for the living room, toilet or bedroom. 

Besides lights, they also install ceiling fans, with or without lights.

sembawanglightinghouse.com | FB: Sembawang Lighting House Pte Ltd | IG: @sembawanglighting