Customer Testimonial, Reviews for Sembawang Lighting House


Review 1 | Small from outside but BIG with your products and service

“I passed SLH every time I go to SSC, it never crossed my mind to go into the shop as it is quite small. Than in April 2012, after I came back from an overseas trip and leaving for a 3 months overseas assignment in May, I have about one over week to look for some lights and ceiling fans for the contractor to do up my new flat. And, SLH came to mind, I never regret going into the "SMALL" shop, the lau pan nian (madam boss) was very friendly and helpful and ontop of that I was able to get what I wanted. So never think only big shops have what you need.  My sister, who lives in Europe (Luxembourg) came and she likes it and brought some home for her new house. She wants me order another 10 - 15 pieces and I am waiting for her confirmation. So SLH you may look small from outside but BIG with your products and service.” - Mary from Woodlands

Review 2 | W
hole family of staff made us feel very comfortable and at ease

"We purchased all the lightings for our new home from this shop along Sembawang Road. Their service was very good. As we had no experience, the staff guided us very well and explained the type of lights suitable for each part of the house. They were very pleasant and approachable, unlike other places which might be pushy. Their prices were also reasonable and good discounts were given. We returned again few weeks later, as we purchased extra downlights and we were allowed to exchange for any items we wanted. So,we got two pretty bedside lamps and still had extra balance from the price of the extra lights. The staff serving us then advised us to get extra bulbs which will be handy. They also helped us change the bulbs for two lights that were of the wrong colour within 20 minutes. The boss Mrs Chia was very kind and the whole family of staff made us feel very comfortable and at ease. It was an enjoyable experience shopping with them. We are glad we made the right choice! Good and efficient service. We will surely go back to this cosy place when we need to purchase in future :-)" - Jean and Jesudass from Woodlands

Review 3 | Served us whole heartedly

"I'm very happy and satisfied with Sembawang Lighting House! Their family team really served us whole heartedly from selection to delivery. My request to change items was also handled without any hiccups. It was a pleasant and stress-free experience shopping at Sembawang Lighting House. I will definitely recommend them to my friends" - Jennifer Chong from Jurong

Review 4 | Unique Lighting Designs at Affordable Prices

“Indeed a pleasant experience with the service staff from the initial purchase to the delivery of the items.  We chose a total of four KDK fans, and numerous lights for our entire new apartment. And the best part, we only knew them on the internet but decided to choose them to fulfill all our lighting and fan needs because they had unique designs at affordable prices and of course, as mentioned, a service oriented attitude among their team of staff. They were flexible with the various arrangements such as changing our minds on a certain design of light that would better suit our dining area. Also, light casings that had slight scratches, Roy changed for me promptly even without me asking for a change. Please always give them a thinker if you are passing by Sembawang Lighting House. As a customer, I fully endorse them for your kind consideration.  Good job Roy and friends!” -  Japeth Chong from Marsiling

Review 5 | Designs are up to date. Close friend recommendation

“Went to check out Sembawang Lighting House with my parents and fiance after a close friend recommended them to us. It was definitely a fruitful trip! The designs are up-to-date with very resonable price tags. Their service is absolutely wonderful too. The owners are patient to answer any questions we have and they do not try to hard-sell their products. Definitely will go back there when our new house arrives!” - Ping Yee from Yishun

Review 6 | R
ecommended me the appropriate fan with Smile 

“Customer Service was well rendered as these days it is so hard to get someone to even smile and attend to you without feeling that you are unpleasant to the CSO. She was on the line but she hung up and attended to me. (I loved that although a pity i genuinely forgot her name.) She recommended me the appropriate fan for my home stating the difference in material and the maintainability of the diff fan. Gave me discount too!!! Roy was pleasant and helpful in arranging for delivery and even flexible when i had to add an extra fan and change the size of one without even demanding the balance cash..there was trust. I would recommend and visit this shop again for sure if i need too!  Thank you so much =)” - Tina Manogaran from Bishan

Review 7 | Patient and went the extra mile to show me how to fix

“Bought all our lightings from Sembawang Lighting House. Excellent service and most importantly, excellent after sales service! Special thanks to Esther who is patient in handing our queries. Forgot the name of the young gentleman, thanks to him too for delivering the lights. He went the extra mile to open and show me how to fix the light for my ceiling fan. For new home owners, I strongly recommend you to visit Sembawang Lighting House.” - Sha Hir from Yishun

Review 8 | Recommend based on our own budget

“Thumbs up for great customer service! The staff had given us lots of advices regarding suitable fans. Bought 3 ceiling fans based on our likings and their advices. Also provide us with fans suitable for our needs and based on the budget we allocated. Price is definitely cheaper than other shops outside. Will patronise the shop and recommend it to family members and friends.” - Sharifah Munirah from Marsiling

Review 9 | W
aited patiently for me during delivery (I'm late!)

“Thumbs Up, Roy and Team for their Excellent Service. Particularly, to Roy who waited patiently for me during delivery time (I'm late!). Really appreciate your recommendation on the type & dimension of ceiling fan that I should get after looking at my false ceiling. Will definitely recommend SLH to relatives & friends.” Daphne Ang from Sengkang

Review 10 | Must go for those with tight budget

“Was very happy with the pleasant service of Sembawang Lighting House. We were happy with the lighting as well as the installation at our new home. Uncle Albert Chia was extremely patient with me and my wife's fickleness choice of the lighting according to the style, bulbs,etc. Uncle Albert did help us to choose the suitable lighting for each room like living room, kitchen, backyard,etc.So we feel that Sembawang Lighting House's a must-go for those who have tight budget for the lighting for their home.” - Joseph from Boon Keng

Review 11 | P
atient with us spending time looking around, and readily answers our queries 

“What strikes me about SLH (as compared to some lighting shops) is the personalised service we received. They are patient with us spending time looking around, and readily answers our queries on lighting options, characteristics etc (unlike some shops we visited where u can see the salespersons' faces turned gloomy if u spend too much time looking around/asking qns and not buying). In fact, my wife and I visited SLH twice and only purchased during the 2nd visit but i could sense that they still served us as best as they could on both occasions. And not to mention the reasonable price. Hope that SLH really keep up with this good service cos I believe that customers would normally shop around but they would likely go back to the shop that they feel good about.” - Customer from Singapore

Review 12 | Recommend lights that suited my requirements

“Was recommended to Sembawang Light house by another friend and I was definitely convinced I made the right choice. I had previously went to other lighting shops but Sembawang was definitely better both in terms of pricing and service. The owner did not recommend products with the highest prices but yet those that suited the requirements of my house. He was very patient and slowly guided us through his list of products that the shop has. We were very happy with the products after they were installed. I would strongly recommended Sembawang Lighting house to all. Cheers!” - Marcus from Serangoon

Review 13 | After purchase customer service impressed so much

“Thank you for your time and effort in helping us eventually decide on our home lightings. You were all very attentive and helpful, especially Uncle (didn't manage to catch his name). We changed our mind on our dining light a few days later, yet they still enthusiatically assisted us. Never once pushy in selling their items, they even told us to think it through. Also, our electrician called us to inform that we bought the wrong watt for one of the bulbs. We called SLH and they happily told us to bring it back for exchange. This "after-purchased" customer service impressed us so much, we will certainly tell our friends about you, and look forward to returning soon. (=” - Asriyanti Sulhan from Yishun

Review 14 | Fantastic lighting range and service even though it's small

“My husband and I are impressed that even though Sembawang Lighting House is only a small retail shop, it has quite a good range of lightings which caters to various customers' differentiated needs. Most of all is the fantastic service rendered which includes installation at a nominal price and after sales service. A sense of personal touch is something which both my husband and I like. We look forward to patronize the shop in the near future and will strongly recommend to others. Good service and keep it up! Cheers.” - Grace Ng from Singapore

Review 15 | Patient and detailed

“Wonderful staff at the shop. Patient and detailed.” - Lim Cheng Wei from Singapore

Review 16 | Good service and low prices

“Good service and low prices” - Nicholas Ching from Singapore

Review 17 | I even brought my mum to get her lights after we did so. 


“Thank you very much, Sembawang Lighting House, for making a bright and nice new home with your lightings! Definitely an EXCELLENT recommendation for everyone! I even brought my mom to get new lights here too, after me and my wife got our set of lights! Good Customer Service, Pricing, Designs! Cheers” - Customer from Singapore

Review 18 | Friendly boss with wide lighting range

“Good services with friendly boss. Wide range of lighting designs with reasonable pricing. I will recommend this shop to my friends and relatives. Good job!” - Customer from Singapore

Review 19 | Further discount if you get all lights for whole house. Recommended!

“Friendly boss, good price on lightings. However, the good thing is the great variety of designs they carry in the shop. You'll easily spend > 2 hours trying to find your dream lightings. And yes you'll get blur looking at them:P You get further discount if you get all the lightings for whole house from them too! Recommended!” - Customer form Singapore

Review 20 | Good service, Recommend to my friends for lights

“Good service, many varieties of lighting designs, lower price for the same item comparing to other shops. I'll recommend this shop to my friends for their lighting needs. :-)” - Customer from Singapore

Review 21 | Efficient installation

“Great product and wonderful services. Efficient installation. Will visit again for any future lighting purchase.” - Willie from Singapore

Review 22 | Very reasonable prices. Wonderful service

“Recommended! i SMSED Sembawang Lighting House twice to install my 2 sets of lights toilets. their design lights look very nice that i like. very reasonable prices and their service is absolutely wonderful too. Thanks again!” - Angel Chua from Holland Road

Review 23 | Highly recommend this shop for lights and fans

"Excellent Service and Great Prices. I know where i'm getting all my lights and fans from now on. I highly recommend this shop" - Mark Netto from Singapore

Review 24 | Very good price

“Very good service and great product at very good price. Recommended.” - Rudijanto Hadi from Singapore

Review 25 | Good service to install the lights. Extra bright light.

“Hi, bought 2 kitchen lights & 2 toilets light from sembawang lighting. Thanks for the good service to install the lights, 1st time using extra bright light, very satisfied. Definitely will go back to shop again in future. Thanks again.” - James Ngeo from Singapore

Review 26 | Innovative workmanship to reduce dust

“Good and innovative workmanship for the installations. (Minimized dust around the area)” - Nelson Koh from Singapore

Review 27 | Friendly like a big family
“Good services with reasonable price...sales Roy and other staffs all very friendly like a big family..” - Jing Jing from Choa Chua Kang

Review 28 | Staff very Patient with me. 3 Hour. Thanks. 

“Esther, one of the sales staff there was very patient with me. I took a good 3 hours before finally deciding on the lights and fans for my 5-rm exec. There is a good range and the prices are also very affordable. Thanks for everything.” - Farlinah Supaah from Choa Chua Kang

Review 29 | Explain Pros and Cons of various Ceiling Fans. Good performance.

“The folks at Sembawang Lighting House was so accomodating, the closing time was 8pm but we were there at 7.50pm but we wasn't rushed to make our selection. After being explain of the pros and cons of each fan make and model we chose Crestar and after insallation we are very satisfied with the performance. I would highly recommend Sembawang Lighting House to friends and relatives.” - Azman M. Said from Pasir Ris

Review 30 | Good Price Lighting House

Sembawang Lighting House is one of the best lighting house ever in Singapore. The boss served me with a smile since I had entered the shop. They provided excellent service in explaining products and offed very good price. Awesome!” - Liew KN from Sembawang

Review 31 | Highly Recommended for Lights

Highly recommended. Variety of lighting choices + Good service after sell. Tks.- Precilla Koh from Singapore

Review 32 | Good Reasonable Price and Service

Good service from them and also with a very gd reasonable price. Keep it up - Shida Szami from Singapore

Review 33 | Good Recommendations on Lamps

Read an article on webbie about SLH & they had good reviews so we decided to give them a try. Served by friendly staff Esther Teoh, she gave us good recommendations on the product we intended to get. Thumbs up! - Halim and Lynn Richardson from Singapore

Review 34 | Installer was Punctual and Helpful

Bought KDK R48 SP over the weekend and same installed yesterday. The installer(andrew chan) recommended by SLH was punctual, helpful and even assisted us in rectifying an existing problem with our switch. Kudos and thumbs up ! - Feroz Dhillon from Singapore

Review 35 | Reasonable Price and Friendly

The staff who was serving me was very helpful and friendly. The prices quoted were reasonable. Finally the installer who came to my house was patient and professional. I will surely come again. - Nooridah Yaakup from Singapore

Review 36 | Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service , i request to postpone the delivery of my purchases last minutes due to unforeseen event and the respond from "Sembawang Lighting House" was professional. Keep up the good work. - Hong Wai Leong from Sembawang

Review 37 | Shopping here for Years 

Great after-sale service from friendly staff, all at an appropriate price! I've been shopping at this place for years and hopefully will again for the years to come. (^ν^) - Uri Syafawani from Woodlands

Review 38 | Low price and Helpful. Strongly Recommend.

I strongly recommend "Sembawang Lighting House". 29 of May 2013 i been here the second times because i keen their price are reasonable and low comparing to some other places, between not only that and they are very helpful to help us carried items to our's vehicle and i remember the first time in 2012 while my house was having renovation i did bought a lanyard light from SLH and it's cracked and we suspected the contractor make crack it while trying to fix it, but he don't admit it and push the fault to the shop owner! But Sembawang Lighting House Lady Boss offer us a one time exchange to let each another happy.Thumb Up for the way she handle this case. =) - Grace Bai from Yishun

Review 39 | Worthy Shop for Lamps

A worthy shop to purchase lights. - Louis Chia from Sembawang

Review 40 | Patient and Reasonable Prices 

Roy was very patient & helpful and the prices are reasonable.Great aftersales also!! - Kong Meng Yeow from Sengkang

Review 41 | Big Purchase on the Spot and walked away happy. Trustworthy.

I was told by my ID to get 38 LED spot lights and some other lights. Little did I know that there are countless light cases, bulbs and drivers to choose from and the price differs greatly. Then I chanced upon this store without the slightest intention to purchase on the spot. Mrs Chia completely blew me off with her patience, sincerity and empathy for a 1st time home owner like us. As a smart consumer, it is only right to compare and get the best deal. But today is one of the rare occasions I made a big purchase on the spot without any comparison and walked away happy and confident. Trust is hard to come by nowadays and I see that in Mrs Chia. I just have to share this short but wonderful experience. I want more new house owners to benefit and I want this small humble light shop to prosper because they deserve it! - Raphael Chong from Punggol

Review 42 | Good Experience and Demostrate. All boxes came labelled. 

Very good experience with SLH; Staff were patient, explaining and demo'ing anything I was not clear on. Fuss-free delivery, all boxes came labelled with location information, so it's clear to the installers! - Derrick Heng from Boon Lay

Review 43 | Sales and within Budget. Good Recommendations.

Great service & friendly staffs & delivery man! Bought ceiling fans & lightings here within our budget. They will try to recommend the best item & best price even when they're having sales. Will surely recommend to our friends & families - Mooneira Haris from Singapore

Review 44 | Regular for 10 Years. Willing to give best to solve doubts. 

I have been a regular to Sembawang lighting house for 10 years ever since i located my home in Sembawang. Always feel glad and happy to be served by the bosses Mr & Mrs Chia with their kind and considerate customer service, though not all the time I may buy things with them during my visits, somehow they are willing to give their best to solve the doubts of customers. Strongly recommend anyone to pay them a visit if you do need home lighting services. - Huay Yaw from Sembawang

Review 45 |  Warm Smiles and Good Prices. 

Went there n was welcome with warm smiles n greetings... prices are not that high up. The ceiling fans and lights are good n trust-able... would definitely recommend others there... they got friendly staff to serve u... - Jap Alif from Woodlands

Review 46 | Happy with our Purchase. Patient. 

Great friendly service :) patient with us even when we couldn't decide the dining light we wanted at the third visit! We are very happy with our purchase. - Mo Ai Ning from Sembawang

Review 47 | First class service and Good Price

I had to look for lightnings in a hurry to rent out my apartment. Walked into Sembawang Lighting House and picked out everything I needed including a ceiling fan. Very pleased with the pricing & quality of the lights. The service was first class. Happy to have chosen them. - William Francis from Sembawang

Review 48 | Huge range of lightings and Ceiling Fans.

Wondering where to get new lightings for your house? Fret no more and visit Sembawang Lighting House because they carry a huge range of lightings and ceiling fans! Highly recommended, Excellent service and Professional advice. - Esther Bai from Sengkang

Review 49 | Pleased with this Lighting Shop

Got to know this place online and we were not disappointed at all! Got all our lightings & fans for our new home and very very pleased with the prices & customer service (during & after-sales). Will definitely come back for more in the future! :) - Munyra Arsad from Singapore

Review 50 | 
老板推荐的风扇品牌很好。 老顾客也有折扣


老板推荐的品牌很好,很安静。做为老顾客,也给了一定的折扣。建议大家,买风扇别图便宜,买好的省心。- Wang Peng from Singapore

Review 51 | On Time and Efficient Installation 

Purchased 2 sets of lights for my living and dining room.Prices were reasonable. Lights were delivered on time.Installation was painless and efficiently done.- Jonathon Screeder from Singapore


Review 52 | One Stop Solution for Lights and Fans

Needed lights+fans for place, SLH turned out to be my one stop solution for all my needs, great service frm the lady who attended to me. - Lloyd Lin from Jurong


Review 53 | Prompt Service and Care.

Great service and very prompt after-sales care :D Good recommendations by Roy too! - J Lim from Bedok


Review 54 | Willing to do swap. Great Service.

Great customer service! Service at the store was great and informative as I made my selection of lights and ceiling fans. After installation, I realized I ordered some lights with the wrong color and they were willing to do a one-for-one swap for us. Highly recommended! :D - Zhou Xuanming from Bukit Panjang.


Review 55 | Reasonable Prices and Good After Sales Service

My family and I bought 2 ceiling fans for our home, and we were impressed by the excellent customer service provided by Sembawang Lighting House. They have quite a large variety of ceiling fans, and Roy was very patient in explaining the various brands and types of fans. The prices are very reasonable and the after-sales service was really good too. We made a mistake in ordering the wrong size of fan for our dining hall, and we called in to change the order. They promptly changed the order for us a few days before the installation. The installation guy was also very professional and friendly during the installation process. We will definitely shop with Sembawang Lighting House again! - Fion Thong from Kallang


Review 56 | Good Recommendation for Practical Lights.

A friend recommended me this shop for buying lights. The boss, Mrs Chia was very approachable and gave me a good price for my purchase. The selection here is more on the practical side, so they don't have very dressy ones. Overall worth paying a visit! - Neo Jingyi from Bukit Panjang.


Review 57 | Worth the Long Journey from East Coast to Sembawang.

Great service by Roy on my purchase of ceiling fans. It was worth the long journey traveling all the way from East Coast to Sembawang. - Terrence Hoe from East Coast. 


Review 58 | No Hard Selling. Patient Service. 

They have a wide selection of ceiling fans and lights to choose from. We just bought 4 ceiling fans and lights for our new house. Roy was patient to explain to us which ceiling fan suit our budget and style. No hard selling which was good and installation was also prompt. Definitely a great place to check out! :) - Poh Jieying from Sengkang.


Review 59 | Punctual for Delivery.

Service Was Ökäy ... Seems quite busy when we went down to shop the other day ... Overall still acceptable.. Prices R still reasonable... Delivery Was Very punctual ... Reach on the dot .. Have not fix the light yet... Will review again ... Hope The lights n fan we bought are In good condition and functioning well ... Thank u SLH - Dor Lin from Yishun


Review 60 | Can pay via internet banking. Slightly Cheaper

We got a total of 4 fans from SLH slightly cheaper than other places and they were delivered and installed promptly within the week. I didn't even have to go down to the shop to make payment. Could just do it via email and internet banking. Would highly recommend them! - Debra Li from Singapore


Review 61 (2015) | Price already lower. Great Experience at SLH Twice

I had great experience at SLH twice!last year, I bought two crestar ceiling fan from them. Still in v gd condition. I was blessed to hv hee eng to serve me again. Honestly, i m a v indecisive shopper. Hee eng was able to straighten my thoughts n provide me with professional advice before i make my purchase . She served me for two solid hours with a smile always . They also carry a wide range of lights.. from simple to functional to trendy lights. I did racky prices before i visit SLH. Before asking for discount.. their prices r already lower than other shops. So in summary.. just request for hee eng to serve u! - Sim Li Yee Mary from Farrer Road


Review 62 (2015) | Friendly and Meets Customer's Needs

Excellent service by friendly staff Roy. Goes out of his way to meet customer's needs.WELL DONE! - JS Chin from Sembawang


Review 63 (2015) - Served with Love and Sincerity with your Heart

You have done well and you deserve to be praised. You have served with love and sincerity with your heart. You have made a difference. Thank you so much. I am blessed to have met you. May God continue to bless you and favour you with reasonable and genuine customers always. - Kylie Tan from Singapore


Review 64 (2015) -

Excellent customer service - we bought LED down lights and ceiling fans. Delivery was prompt, Roy was very helpful and patient in answering whatever questions we had. He was also very accommodating when we couldn't decide on our living room ceiling fan. Would definitely recommend this family run establishment!



Review 65 (2017) - 


Friendly and helpful staff. Has a wide range of attractive products for you to choose from. Very affordable pricing too! Bought my ceiling lights + bulbs from there. A recommended place for anyhow who wants to purchase lighting. Will definitely go back there again. 2 thumbs up! - Daniel Wong from Kembangan


Excellent service from this family-run lighting shop, and prices are also lower than those of many other stores I'd checked out. The shop assistant I spoke to took time to explain the differences between the lamps I was interested in, and even changed the tungsten bulbs to LED ones when I asked to see the brightness of the LED lights. I was never pressured to purchase anything. The installation done by their recommended electrician was also very well done. Highly recommended - Melissa Wong


Reasonably priced. Can be crowded due to good selection of lighting and accessories - Mr NHJ


Friendly staff with attractive prices. Good place to shop for affordable and nice looking lightings and ceiling fans - 2mymisc


Excellent customer service - we bought LED down lights and ceiling fans. Delivery was prompt, Roy was very helpful and patient in answering whatever questions we had. He was also very accommodating when we couldn't decide on our living room ceiling fan. Would definitely recommend this family run establishment! - Long Ziling from East Coast


Sembawang Lighting House has a wide selection of light fixtures to meet the needs of any home owner. Service from this family run shop was warm and excellent, recommendations were given and sales staff were never pushy. I had the pleasure of being shown around by Roy and he accurately introduced lights to meet the requirements we had. Delivery was on time and they have the practice of calling up half an hour before delivery which suited me fine. I highly recommend SLH as a one stop shop to meet all your lighting, water heating, and fan needs. In sum, wide variety of choices, affordable prices and very service oriented staff. - Moses Thia from Shunfu


My only regret is not finding out about this place earlier. They sell all the branded lights and fans for cheaper and still have warranty and good service. The staff are knowledgeable about their products. I had no problems with delivery and products arrived in good condition.

Will definitely recommend this place! - Ran from Bukit Panjang


Friendly attitude & well customer service provider. Surely a right place to look for light~Keep it up~ Jesslyn Ting from Sembawang


Going in there clueless what ceiling fans to buy,when out buying a few ceiling fans plus some other lighting fixture for the new home. If you come out from there buying some stuff,you know they give you good service and awesome pricing. - Asri Megat Arjuna Satria


Google on line and found Sembawang Lighting Store, I live on the East side of the island but worth the distance with a good customer service, very happy with sales lady Vet. Never forget thank you to Ah Choon the Electrician guy, great work! Well recommended - Nora Abdul


Very good customer service , the lady boss was so kind and reminded(advise) me to book my fan installation before the busy period ( new year).
The young lady who served us 2 mths ago still remembered us and asked about my wife. Thats a first for me! hope your business grows and can give your customers more good deals! - Kanesh Waren


Fuss free lights order, good customer service from Roy. Pleased with the delivery and installation too. - Norhayati Haron


Very friendly staff and willing to answer many of our queries. Prices are very reasonable. Good choice of lighting. Will recommend friends and relatives to visit if they need lighting. - Lau Heng Hui from Sembawang


Knowledgeable and friendly staff, willing to share frank opinion, information, experience. Reasonable pricing with quality. Prefers a peace of mind and easy accessibility to any other options.  - Mavis Chng from Sembawang


I don't have to compare the price and design with other lighting shops from all over Singapore. For years, I patronise this shop not just because of the wide range of products, but also because of their excellent customer services, friendly and professional advice and most important, reasonable pricing. - Ivy Chee from Yishun


Very good and friendly service.Wide range of fans and lightings at reasonable prices.Highly recommended - Wee Bee Hua from Tanjong Pagar


Price reasonable, sales person especially lady boss very friendly & workmanship is good! - Betty Wee


Affordable prices and friendly service! - Maskal Mas


I ordered online and liased with salesman via email and whatsapp. Really friendly and convenient. Thumbs up for the efficient service - Syafiqah Basalamah


Good service. Ask for discount more than 2 times and they give! Friendly staffs and reasonable price. Will recommend it to others! - Jasmine Lim from Yishun


Great service and good selection of lights to choose from!! - Lim Xin Yi from Tiong Bahru


Went to Sembawang Lighting House to look for fans after visiting a few stores in Singapore. Was pleasantly surprised by the range available at the shop. I was attended to by Roy who provided excellent customer service. SLH had the fan I wanted on display (Kaze Trio) and Roy showed me the features of the fan while comparing it with others to highlight the difference in the amount of wind being generated by the fans. I was also looking for a small 36" fan, but ended up buying the 30" fan after he highlighted the features and provided another demonstration/comparison between both fans. Though the fans were not in stock at the store itself (available at the warehouse), Roy assured me that they could be delivered anytime during the week at my convenience. The fans came 2 days later and on time (as per my request). Will definitely do business with SLH again. Keep up the good work! - Farhan Yusoff from Seng Kang


Wide selections. Friendly staff. Reasonably priced. Great post-purchase support/services! - Godwin Tan from Eunos


Friendly lady boss who explain things to us patiently when we asked her about different products. She recommended us items that are good and affordable unlike some other shops who pushes us the high end product... Makes our selection process easy and smooth! - Low Fook Hong from Bukit Panjang


Excellent service always from Roy and Mrs Chia . They give good advice and suggestions according to the customer's needs and Budget . Most of all, they carry quality products and a wide range . We use only their fans and even family and friends are going to Sembawang ! Thank you !! - Vanessa Yeo Tollemer from Loyang


Excellent customer service from Hui Yin and totally hassle free.. was searching for crestar icol 40" with lighting kit urgently even agent also out of stock.. call a few shops and SLH has it.. we make our deposit via bank transfer and due to cny she made arrangements for next available weekend for our installation.. very impressed with their service and tthe whole dealings was done through whatsapp including snapshot of invoice details and installation date/time. Well done SLH and will definitely purchase from them again..- She Rina from Serangoon


Second purchase with the shop in a short span of one month. They are very friendly and helpful. - Elise Fong


My sincere review that they have excellent customer service and a good bargain price. Will recommend to others. Keep up the good work - ذكريه احمد


Got all the lightings and ceiling fans here for my new house. Mrs Chia and Roy were very patient with my needs! Would highly recommended this shop to anyone  - Joanna Khoo from Bendeemer


Affordable lights and great customer service (including after-sales service)! - Lynn from Yishun


Great service, prompt delivery, happy with the products I have received!  - Yuan Bin


We bought a variety of lights for our new place fan lights, ceiling lights as prices were reasonable and range of design was huge. Roy was knowledgable and recommended us according to our theme and budget. Highly recommended place. - Li Yan


Excellent service.. SLH is my regular light supplier with wonderful selections! Staff are professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Nice delivery man with prompt delivery. Thanks Esther and Roy. Highly Recommended to all! - Sheriko Chan


Great after sales service by the staff, Roy who assist us when we encountered problems while fixing up the Fanco ceiling fan (as the manual gives wrong instruction). Helpful Roy still follow up with us if we still encounter further problem. Thumb up for his service! - Jessie Ong from Punggol