Sunshine LDLC 12W/15W/20W Round LED Downlight


Sunshine LDLC LED Downlight

12W = $14

15W = $18

20W = $22

Suitable: False ceiling

Wattage: 12W/ 15W/ 20W

Lumen: 900lm/ 1200lm/ 1500lm

Surface Size: D115mm x H59mm/ D140mm x H64mm/ D190mm x H68.5mm (4.5 inch/ 5.5 inch/ 7.5 inch)

Colors: Single color Warm/ Day

Cut Hole: 90mm/ 110mm/ 150mm

Driver: Integrated

Shape: Round only


This LED Downlight has long average life and energy saving. Aesthetic design that can directly replace traditional downlights. With different models and wattage options to meet your needs. High CRI, truly reflect the original colors of objects. Suitable for commercial and home lighting use.