8010-450mm Wood Round Ceiling Lamp

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8010-450mm Round Wood Ceiling Lamp

This lamp gives you a general light that’s good for lighting up rooms or kitchen where you dine, play games or get creative. It’s easy to maintain and a favourite among our customers.


Suitable for

  • Living Room, Large Kitchen

Product Features

  • Use LED for low power consumption and energy savings
  • LED instant on - no waiting
  • Magnets on LEDs for easy replacement
  • Turning knobs for easy replacement
  • Available in Single Colour - Daylight 6000K or Warm White 3000K
  • Available Tri Colour Mode for changing ambience in your surrounding (Top up S$20)
  • Clear line glass for brighter surroundings to let the light through

Technical Description

  • Included LED 36W Panel + Driver
  • Diameter 52cm
  • Designed by Sembawang Lighting